Promise-based Alert and Confirm Modal for Vue.js

notivuecation is a promise-based alert and confirmation dialog component for Vue.js.

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How to use it:


npm install notivuecation


import Vue from 'vue';
import notivuecation from 'notivuecation';

<notivuecation />
this.$alert('You are the 1 millionth visitor!').then(claimPrize);

this.$confirm('Are you sure?').then(result => {
  // result is true/false

If you want to use these methods from outside a component, you can also import them:

import { confirm, alert, notify } from 'notivuecation';

The plugin adds three methods to the Vue instance, these can be called from any Vue component:

  • $notify
  • $confirm
  • $alert

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See Demo And Download

Developer Name: petervdn

Official Website: Click Here


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