What are the Types of Insurance? Know Before Buying, There Are 9 Types of Policies

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Today we will talk about insurance, insurance is a very useful thing in today’s era and will help in the future. After a tragic event happens to any person, the insurance company helps him and insurance is very necessary for everyone’s life.

The purchase of the appropriate type and amount of insurance is always determined according to your particular case. Factors such as children, age, lifestyle, and employment benefits play a role when you build your insurance portfolio. However, there are many types of insurance that most of our financial experts recommend to all of us.

What is insurance? How Does Insurance Work? [Full Details]

What Are The Types of Insurance?

In today’s busy life, no one knows what will happen when, in such a case, if you insure your valuables in the right way, it will act as your backup, and insurance will be of great help to you in this case of trouble.

By the way, there are many insurance companies in the market, which sell insurance and they all have a different feature in their insurance plan, but you should take the insurance policy carefully when you find it suitable according to your needs and then you will do it. Face any kind of problem. Don’t be like the car, the house, the health, these valuables are usually insured.

Insurance is a safe and secure way, which can make your family and the person dependent on you strong in your financial situation, so that if you die in the future or any other events cause you any loss, then you or your family do not have to face any kind of money related problems, Insurance policies solve your problem, so it is very important to have insurance today.


बीमा क्या है इन हिंदी – बीमा या बीमा भविष्य के लिए एक व्यवस्था है, जिसमें बीमा कंपनी किसी भी प्रकार के नुकसान, बीमारी, दुर्घटना या मृत्यु के मामले में आपको क्षतिपूर्ति की गारंटी देती है।

आज की भागदौड़ भरी जिंदगी में क्या होगा यह कोई नहीं जानता, ऐसे में अगर आप अपने कीमती सामान का सही तरीके से बीमा कराएंगे तो यह आपके लिए बैकअप का काम करेगा और ऐसे में बीमा आपके लिए काफी काम का होगा। परेशानी क्यों?

वैसे तो बाजार में कई ऐसी बीमा कंपनियां हैं, जो बीमा बेचती हैं और उन सभी की अपनी बीमा योजना की एक अलग विशेषता होती है, लेकिन आपको पॉलिसी को ध्यान से लेना चाहिए जब आपको यह आपकी आवश्यकताओं के अनुसार सही लगे और बाद में आप किसी भी बीमा का चयन कर सकते हैं। योजना। तरह की समस्या का सामना करना पड़ता है। कार, ​​घर, स्वास्थ्य, जीवन की तरह मत बनो, आमतौर पर इन कीमती सामानों का बीमा होता है।

बीमा एक सुरक्षित और सुरक्षित तरीका है, जो आपके परिवार और आप पर निर्भर व्यक्ति को आपकी आर्थिक स्थिति में मजबूत बना सकता है ताकि यदि आपको भविष्य में या किसी अन्य घटना में कोई नुकसान होता है, तो आप या आपका परिवार उस समय किसी भी प्रकार की धन संबंधी समस्या का सामना करना पड़ता है, बीमा पॉलिसियां ​​आपकी समस्या का समाधान करती हैं, इसलिए आज बीमा होना बहुत जरूरी है।

There are different types of insurance or insurance like life insurance, home insurance, medical and health insurance, personal accident insurance, travel insurance, motor or vehicle insurance, property insurance, Agricultural crop Farmer insurance scheme, mobile phone insurance, etc. . That is, how many types of insurance are there? Learn about the benefits of insurance.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a kind of agreement between the insurance company and the person who takes the insurance, in which the insurance company guarantees that in the event of the death of the policyholder in the future, the candidate is from his family. The insurance company will pay a certain amount according to the terms and conditions so that you will not face any financial crisis, but this amount will be paid as far as the person was insured.

This life insurance depends on when the person died, how and for what reason. There is no trust in anyone’s life, so people leave private life insurance policies to their families. Most people adopt this life insurance policy so that after their departure their family members can get some help with money.


If you own a life insurance plan, you can enjoy the following benefits of the policy.

  • Tax Benefits – If you pay premiums for life insurance, you are eligible for tax benefits in India, under Section 80(C) and 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act. Thus, you can save a significant amount of money in taxes by choosing a life insurance plan.
  • Encourages saving habit – Since you need to pay insurance policy premiums, purchasing this insurance policy promotes a money-saving habit.
  • Secures the Family’s Financial Future – The policy ensures that your family’s financial independence is maintained even after your death. Helps Planning for Your Retirement Some life insurance policies act as investment options. For example, pension plans offer a lump sum once you retire, helping you fund retirement.

Now that you know all about life insurance policies, read on to understand the various aspects of other general insurance policies.

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Home Insurance

If you built a house with your hard-earned money, you should also take out home insurance. In-house insurance, a policy is made according to the structure of the house and the contents of the house, in the event of a sudden accident such as an earthquake, flood, or damage to the house, it is fully compensated by the insurance company.

  • Natural disasters such as lightning, fire, volcanic eruptions, wildfires, forest fires, earthquakes, storms, and floods.
  • Blast/implosion damage, man-made anti-social activities such as strikes, riots, and malicious intent damage.
  • Damage caused by direct contact with the railway/road and vehicle. This cover does not cover damage caused to the home insured with your own vehicle.
  • Damage caused by the explosion and/or flooding of water tanks, pipes, and appliances.
  • Landing including rockslide and landslide.
  • Damage caused by leakage from automated spraying fixtures.

Today a lot of people are getting home insurance, through which they can keep their home safe, so it has become very important and necessary to do home insurance.

Medical and Health Insurance

Health insurance is a type of insurance service where a person can plan his medical and surgical expenses and there are different types of plans for these by many financial institutions. Everyone must have medical and health insurance because these facilities are given to the person who takes the insurance for all his health treatments. But all these facilities are provided by the same insurance company where the insured person took his document and takes care of the cost of medicines, operating expenses, hospital expenses, etc.

Nowadays, no one knows what will happen to a person, when someone’s health deteriorates, in such a case, a health insurance policy is urgently needed and this policy is very useful at this time.

Health insurance refers to a type of general insurance, which provides financial assistance to policyholders when they enter hospitals for treatment. In addition, some plans also cover the cost of treatment performed at home, prior to hospital treatment, or after discharge from the hospital. With the rising medical inflation in India, purchasing health insurance has become a necessity. However, before you proceed with the purchase, consider the different types of health insurance plans available in India.


After assessing the different types of health insurance available, you must be wondering why it is so important to take advantage of this plan for you and your loved ones. Look at the reasons listed below to understand why.

  • Medical Coverage – The primary benefit of this insurance is that it provides financial coverage for medical expenses.
  • Cashless Claim – If you are seeking treatment at a hospital that has relationships with your insurance company, you can take advantage of the cashless claim feature. This feature ensures that all medical bills are settled directly between your insurance company and the hospital.
  • Tax Benefits – Those who pay health insurance premiums can enjoy income tax benefits. Under Section 80d of the Income Tax Act, one can avail tax benefits of up to Rs.1 Lakh on payment of premiums on their health insurance policies.

There may be additional benefits, depending on the insurance company involved.

Personal Accident Insurance

In an accident insurance scheme or an accident insurance policy also, by depositing a fixed rate, the policyholder is given some money or sum if he is admitted to the hospital as per the terms and conditions of the policy in case of an accident or any disability.


One of the biggest advantages of an accident policy is that you don’t have to incur any kind of expense in case you have an accident. The insurance policy company that you ensure you are in, the same company bears all your expenses. That is why it is so important to have this insurance. Different insurance policies have different terms and conditions, they should be insured or insured only after reading them.

Travel Insurance

When talking about the different types of insurance policies, one should not forget to know more about travel insurance plans. These policies ensure the financial safety of the traveler during the trip. Therefore, compared to other insurance policies, travel insurance is a short-term cover.


Depending on the provider you choose, travel insurance may offer financial assistance at various times, such as during baggage loss, flight cancellation, and more. Here is a look at some of the different types of travel insurance plans available in the country:

  • Domestic Travel Insurance – This is the type of travel insurance policy that protects your money while traveling within India. However, if you are planning to go out of the country for a vacation, this policy will not be of any help.
  • International Travel Insurance – If you are going out of the country, make sure you choose an international travel insurance plan. It allows you to cover unexpected expenses that can arise during your trip such as medical emergencies, loss of baggage, loss of passport, etc.
  • Vacation Home Insurance – When you travel with your family, your home remains unprotected and unprotected. The chances of burglary are always high, which can lead to significant losses. Fortunately, with home insurance plans, which are often included in travel policies, you are financially protected from such events as well.

Motor or Vehicle Insurance

If you have a car, bike, motor, car, or any vehicle, it is very important that you get it from insurance because it saves us financial loss in case of any kind of accident, so it is very important to get car insurance.

There are two types of vehicle insurance in India: a) third party insurance b) full party insurance


Third-Party Insurance – In this type of insurance, if the vehicle you have is an accident and at the same time the driver or vehicle of the other vehicle is damaged, the insurance company compensates them. But the insurance company does not make any kind of claims in case of damage to you or your vehicle, hence it is also called third-party insurance. This insurance is mandatory according to the Motor Vehicles Act.

Full Party Insurance – In this type of insurance, in the event of an accident, loss of everyone like the car, driver, people sitting in the car, loss of other vehicles like small and big broken feet and the rest of the loss, given by the insurance company. Comprehensive party insurance is also called standard motor insurance.

Property Insurance

Any immovable building or structure can be insured through property insurance plans or schemes. This can either be your residence or commercial space. In the event of any damage to such property, you can claim financial assistance from the insurance provider. Keep in mind that such a plan also protects the content within the property financially.


Below are some of the types of property insurance policies available in India:

  • Home Insurance – With such a policy, you remain free from all financial obligations that may arise from damage to your home or its interior contents due to fires, burglaries, storms, earthquakes, explosions, and other events.
  • Shop Insurance – If you own a shop that serves as a source of income for you, it is an integral part of protecting yourself from financial liability arising from this. Whether the liability occurs due to natural disasters or due to accidents, with these plans, you can make repairs right away in the store.
  • Office Insurance – Another type of property insurance policy, office insurance ensures that the office building and all equipment within it are significantly protected in the event of unforeseen events. Generally, office space includes expensive equipment, such as computers, servers, and more. Hence, making use of these plans is essential.
  • Building Insurance – If you own an entire building, choosing home insurance may not be enough. Alternatively, you can purchase building insurance to cover the entire building.

Agricultural Crop Farmer Insurance Scheme

Friends, the weather is unreliable, sometimes the rain comes and sometimes it never comes, because of this there is a lot of damage to your planting, so you should guarantee your harvest every year.


In this insurance, your crop gets some kind of protection, if there is some damage to your crop, then the insurance company will compensate all your losses, so if you are a farmer, you should have crop insurance and farmers insurance.

Mobile Insurance

Today everyone has a mobile phone, so you must have also heard that it is necessary to have a mobile phone warranty as well. Today everyone has more than one mobile phone and if there is some minor damage to your mobile phone then the insurance company gives you all the compensation so it is very necessary to do mobile insurance.

With the high prices of mobile phones and their many applications today, it has become necessary to ensure the device. Mobile phone insurance allows you to get back the money you spend on repairing your phone in the event of accidental damage.

Moreover, you can also claim the same if the phone is stolen, making it easy to replace the phone with a new one.


Mobile phone insurance benefits

Mobile phone insurance policies are very beneficial, especially for those who own a premium smartphone.

  • Comprehensive Protection for New Devices – The value of phones tends to decline over time. Thus, when the phone is new, phone insurance can help protect its great value.
  • Screen Damage Coverage – If your smartphone screen accidentally gets damaged, which is one of the most important parts of these devices, your insurance plan will pay for the repair.
  • Smartphone stolen or stolen – There is nothing worse than buying the smartphone of your dreams and losing it due to theft or burglary. Well, phone insurance will help you with the cost of a replacement phone should such an unfortunate thing happen.

Some insurance companies may not allow you to purchase smartphone insurance a month or two after purchasing the phone.

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