Star Health Insurance Login: Renewal, Claims Status, Hospital List

Star Health Insurance (स्टार स्वास्थ्य बीमा) offers a wide range of affordable health insurance products for individuals, families, and businesses or corporates. The insured plans cover medical check-ups, AYUSH systems for medication, critical illness, and hospital expenses.

Also, you can now find coverage against coronavirus under the health insurance plans offered by Star Health Insurance. The company also offers health insurance plans for children with autism which makes its offering unique.


We will tell you all insurance-related information like how to apply for Star Health Insurance login, renewal, hospital list, claim status, document download, benefits, required documents, insurance plans, etc. If you want to know more information related to insurance, then you should read the article provided by us.

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About Star Health Insurance

Star Health and Allied Insurance Co. Ltd. is India’s first independent health insurance company that started its business in 2006. Today, the company has become a market leader offering multiple insurance products including health insurance, personal accident, overseas travel insurance, etc., thus meeting the diverse needs of different sectors of society. It also occupies a prominent position in the field of Bancassurance with long-standing relationships with several Indian banks. Currently, Star Health has more than 12,800 employees and more than 640 branch offices across India. Star Health Insurance has become a well-known name in the Indian insurance industry. Health insurance is one of the most promising sectors in which the company deals.

Star Health has excellent products to meet the needs of everyone, whether they are individuals, families, or businesses. We work directly as well as through various channels like agents, brokers, the internet, etc. Star Health also has a prominent role in Bancassurance and has a long-standing relationship with many banks.

Why Should I Buy Star Health Insurance?

Currently, when the healthcare sector has been greatly affected by inflation, it is now essential to have a good health insurance plan that meets your health needs and the needs of your family and at the same time leaves no hole in your pockets.

Many factors such as network hospitals, market share, affordability, claims support, etc. must be considered to ensure full financial coverage in time of need.


Star Health Insurance Highlights

  • A wide range of health and specialized insurance products to meet the needs of every sector.
  • Presence across India with more than 640 branch offices.
  • Cashless treatment in over 11,000 hospitals across India.
  • Hassle-free internal claims settlement without TPA interference.
  • Personal physician visits clients entering the hospital.
  • Free second medical opinion.
  • Health Insurance Provider of the Year 2018 – Outlook Money Awards.
  • Health Insurance Provider of the Year 2018 – Business Today – Money Today Financial Awards 2018 – 2019.
  • India Insurance Company of the Year – Dun & Bradstreet BFSI Summit & Awards 2019.

Star Health Insurance Plans

Here is a comprehensive list of Star Health Insurance plans along with their features and coverage benefits:

  • Star Family Health Optima Insurance Plan
  • Star Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance Plan
  • Star Health Corona Kavach Policy
  • Star Accident Care Health Insurance Policy
  • Star Comprehensive Health Insurance
  • Star MediClassic Health Insurance
  • Star Health Gain Insurance Plan
  • Star Super Surplus Insurance Plan
  • Star Diabetes Safe Insurance
  • Star Cardiac Care Health Insurance
  • Star Criticare Plus Health Insurance
  • Star Cancer Care Gold (Pilot Product)
  • Star Special Care Insurance Policy
  • Star Health Novel Coronavirus Insurance Policy
  • Star Outpatient Care Health Insurance Policy
  • Star Health Insurance: Arogya Sanjeevani Policy
  • Star Hospital Cash Insurance Policy
  • Star Health Insurance: Corona Rakshak Policy
  • Young Star Insurance Policy

Star Health Insurance Policy Terms

Star Health Insurance policies are available with the terms tabulated below:

Minimum Entry Age3 months
Maximum Entry Age65 years/no limit
Policy RenewalLifetime renewability guaranteed
Co-PaymentCo-payment of 20% is applicable on each and every claim for people aged over 60 years at entry-level and subsequent renewals.
General Waiting PeriodA waiting period of 30 days needs to be completed to seek benefits, except in case of injury, under the plans.

However, the terms of these Star Health Insurance plans are subject to change from plan to plan.

Star Health Insurance Benefits

हेल्थ इन्शुरन्स के फायदे – Here are some of the additional benefits of Star Health Allied Insurance.

  • Co-Payment – You do not have to make any co-payment; However, 20 percent of a Star health insurance claim must be settled by you if you are between the ages of 61 and 65 unless otherwise stated.
  • Lifetime Renewal – Star health insurance plans come with a lifetime renewal and provide lifetime coverage.
  • Pre-existing Diseases – Any pre-existing disease is covered after a waiting period of 4 years.
  • Room Rent – ​​Star health insurance plans come with a room rent expense of 2 percent of the amount guaranteed, subject to a maximum of Rs. 4000 every day.
  • No Third-Party Official – There is no third-party official at Star Health Insurance Company. This practices in-house claims settlement directly.

Star Health Insurance Hospital List

स्टार हेल्थ हॉस्पिटल लिस्ट – Star Health Insurance Company Limited with its a strong network of 6000 hospitals. Listed below are some of their network hospitals in cities-

  • Mumbai – Hiranandani Hospital
  • Bangalore – Columbia Asia Hospital
  • Ahmedabad – Joitiba General Hospital
  • Delhi – Jain Charitable Hospital
  • Kolkata – Columbia Asia Hospital
  • Indore – V-Care Hospital and Research Center
  • Chennai – Fortis Malabar Hospital
  • Kolkata – ISPAT Cooperative Hospital
  • Patna – Ford Hospital and Research Center Private Limited
  • Panaji – Vintage Hospital & Medical Research Center Pvt Ltd

Documents Required for a non-cash claim from Star Health

  • Star Health Card
  • Duly filled and signed claim form
  • In the event of accidental hospitalization, a police FIR report or Medico-legal certificate must be submitted
  • Investigation reports such as blood reports, x-rays, or any survey reports
  • Doctor’s consultation papers
  • Chemist’s bill (original)
  • Hospital discharge summary
  • Other documents (as applicable)

Star Health Insurance Login

स्टार स्वास्थ्य बीमा लॉगिन प्रक्रिया – If you also want to register for this Health Insurance and want to get its benefits, then you should read the steps given by us carefully.

  • First, visit the official website of Star Health Insurance Company –
  • After that, a home page will open on your screen.
  • Next, click on the login link in the top bar.
  • Select the option you are typing to LOGIN and click on it.
  • After that, the login page will open on your screen.
  • Enter your email ID and password and then click the Continue button.
  • This way, you can sign in to Star Health Insurance.

If you want to Registration Process for Star Health Insurance, please visit the below link:

Star Health Insurance Claim Status

स्टार हेल्थ इन्शुरन्स क्लेम स्टेटस – Star Health Claims Services is a hassle-free and customer-friendly process that ensures all settlements are processed in a timely manner. As a health insurance professional, we offer a cashless claim in all of our network hospitals in the country. Tact, attention, speed, and efficiency are the high standards we strive to maintain. We value our customers’ feedback and work hard to meet and exceed your expectations.

How to get your claim approved faster?

  • Star Health website contains a list of network hospitals including agreed network hospitals.
  • Search from the network list on our website and locate the nearest networked hospital.
  • For planned surgery, contact the hospital before the date of admission and will send the completed pre-authorization form.
  • On the pre-authorization form, you are required to provide your contact number.
  • If the details are not filled in completely, approval of the authorization request may be delayed.

Download the health claims form –

Star Health Insurance Claim Process

If you wish to benefit from a Star Health Mediclaim reimbursement claim, follow the steps listed below:

  • A doctor in the field will make your admission to the hospital easier for you.
  • After discharge from the hospital, you will have to pay the hospital bills.
  • Ensure that you collect all original documents for the treatment(s) and receipts for expenses incurred.
  • Complete a Star Health claim form, attach all required original documents and receipts, and send them to the nearest Star Health branch office.
  • Subject to the terms and conditions of your policy, your claim will be settled.

Star Health Insurance Products List PDF

S.NoProduct NameUINDate of Launch
1Star Cardiac Care Insurance Policy-PlatinumSHAHLIP22033V02212226-07-2021
2Star Cancer Care Platinum Insurance PolicySHAHLIP22031V02212226-07-2021
3Family Health Optima Insurance PlanSHAHLIP22030V06212220-05-2021
4Super Surplus Insurance PolicySHAHLIP22035V06212212-04-2021
5Star Super Surplus (Floater) Insurance PolicySHAHLIP22034V06212212-04-2021
6Saral Suraksha Bima, Star Health and Allied Insurance Co LtdSHAPAIP22039V02212201-04-2021
7Star Group Top-upSHAHLGP21567V01202101-01-2021
8Group Arogya Sanjeevani Policy, Star Health, and Allied Insurance Co LtdSHAHLGP22041V02212224-12-2020
9Star Group COVID Top-upSHAHLGP21538V01202115-10-2020
10Family Accident Care Insurance PolicySHAHLIP21042V01202122-08-2020
11Medi Classic Accident Care (Individual) Insurance PolicySHAHLIP21241V05202104-08-2020
12Star Group COVID Insurance PolicySHAHLGP21115V01202123-07-2020
13Corona Kavach Policy, Star Health, and Allied Insurance Co Ltd.SHAHLIP21066V01202110-07-2020
14Corona Rakshak Policy, Star Health, and Allied Insurance Co Ltd.SHAHLIP21067V01202110-07-2020
15Star Novel Coronavirus (nCoV) (COVID-19) Insurance Policy (Pilot Product)SHAHLIP21047V02202112-06-2020
16Star Group Hospital Cash Insurance PolicySHAHLGP029V01192010-06-2020
17POS-Medi classic Insurance Policy (Individual)SHAHLIP22037V06212213-05-2020
18Arogya Sanjeevani, Star Health, and Allied Insurance Co. LtdSHAHLIP22027V03212202-04-2020
19Young Star Insurance PolicySHAHLIP22036V04212216-03-2020
20Star Outpatient Care Insurance PolicySHAHLIP21261V02202105-02-2020
21Star Comprehensive Insurance PolicySHAHLIP22028V07212222-11-2019
22Medi Classic Insurance Policy (Individual)SHAHLIP22037V06212201-11-2019
23Star Hospital Cash Insurance PolicySHAHLIP20046V01192004-09-2019
24Star Micro Rural and Farmers CareSHAHMIP22038V03212204-09-2019
25Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana(ABPMJAY) – Government of PuducherrySHAHGSP20026V01192029-07-2019
26Star Group Overseas Travel Insurance PolicySHATGOP20032V01192011-07-2019
27Star Group Criticare PlatinumSHAHLGP19049V01181901-03-2019
28Star Group Health Insurance Policy For Bank CustomersSHAHLGP21290V02202127-02-2019
29Star Group Health Insurance Policy Gold (For Bank Customers)SHAHLGP21058V02202105-02-2019
30Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance PolicySHAHLIP22040V05212210-01-2019
31Star Group Criticare GoldSHAHLGP19048V01181924-12-2018
32Diabetes Safe Insurance PolicySHAHLIP22029V07212203-08-2018
33Star Group Health InsuranceSHAHLGP21214V02202102-07-2018
34Group Accident Insurance PolicySHAHLGP18123V01171813-06-2018
35Star Cardiac Care Insurance PolicySHAHLIP22032V05212204-05-2018
36POS-Accident Care Individual Insurance PolicySHAHPAIP18070V03171801-03-2018
37POS- Star Travel Protect Insurance PolicyIRDA/NL-HLT/SHAI/P-T/V.I/140/13-1401-03-2018
38POS-Family Health Optima Insurance PlanSHAHLIP22030V06212201-03-2018
39Star Special CareSHAHLIP21243V02202117-01-2018
40Star Health Gain Insurance PolicySHAHLIP21262V03202127-12-2017
41Classic Group Health InsuranceSHAHLGP21239V02202106-12-2017
42Privilege Group Health InsuranceSHAHLGP21268V012202127-11-2017
43Family Health Optima Accident Care PolicySHAHLIP21240V04202101-11-2017
44Star Cancer Care Gold (Pilot Product)SHAHLIP21216V02202124-10-2017
45Accident Care Individual Insurance PolicyIRDAI/HLT/SHAI/P-P/V.III/134/2017-1815-07-2017
46Star Care Micro Insurance PolicySHAHLIP21180V02202107-04-2017
47Accident Care (Group) InsuranceIRDA/HLT/SHAI/P-H/V.II/102/2015-1601-04-2016
48Star Family Delite Insurance PolicySHAHLIP21178V02202105-08-2012
49Star Net PlusSHAHLGP21267V02202105-08-2011
50Star Criticare Plus Insurance PolicySHAHLIP21179V02202114-09-2009
51Accident Trauma Care Insurance Policy (Individual)IRDA/NL-HLT/SHAI/P-P/V.I/136/13-1408-12-2006
52Accident Trauma Care Insurance Policy ( Group)IRDA/NL-HLT/SHAI/P-H/V.I/104/13-1408-12-2006
53Star True value Health Insurance PolicySHAHLIP21177V02202129-11-2006
54Star Student Travel Protect Insurance PolicyIRDA/NL-HLT/SHAI/P-T/V.I/142/13-1420-11-2006
55Star Corporate Travel Protect Insurance PolicyIRDA/NL-HLT/SHAI/P-T/V.I/143/13-1422-06-2006
56Star Travel Protect Insurance PolicyIRDA/NL-HLT/SHAI/P-T/V.I/140/13-1425-05-2006
57College Student Care InsuranceIRDA/NL-HLT/SHAI/P-H/V.I/101/13-1404-05-2006
58School Student Care InsuranceIRDA/NL-HLT/SHAI/P-H/V.I/103/13-1426-04-2006

Star Health Insurance Contact Number

स्टार स्वास्थ्य बीमा संपर्क नंबर – If you have any queries related to Star Health Insurance, please visit the official website or below list:

  • Address: Customer Care, Star Health & Allied Insurance Co. Ltd, No.1, New Tank Street, Valluvarkottam High Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600 034
  • Email:
  • Toll Free: 1800-425-2255 / 1800-102-4477
  • For Other Users: (044)- 2831 9100 / 2853 2060 / 2853 2030
  • For Senior citizen’s claims call 9144-4002-0888 and for grievances call 91-44-2824-3923

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