A JavaScript Library That Adds Inline Editing Functions To Tables | HTMLInlineEdit

HTMLInlineEdit is a lightweight native JavaScript library that provides basic HTML5 inline editing functionality on table cells.

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How to use it:

1. Set the input values and table cell names.

<td data-inlineValue="Cloud" data-inlineName="user">Cloud</td>
<td data-inlineValue="Mercenary" data-inlineName="title">Mercenary</td>
<td data-inlineValue="Loves using large swords" data-inlineName="remark">Loves using large swords</td>

2. Create a button to enter Edit mode.

<td data-inlineMode="button"><input type="button" value="Edit" onclick="inlineEdit('TableRow', defaultOptions)"/></td>

3. All options are possible with default values.

var defaultSampleOptions = {
    "updateCell": inlineDefaultUpdateCell,
    "finish": inlineDefaultFinish,
    "finishCallback": defaultSampleCallback,
    "finishCell": inlineDefaultFinishCell

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See Demo And Download

Developer Name: sheryiu

Official Website: Click Here


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