Best Schools in Kolkata in 2024 | Top 5 CBSE, ICSE Schools


Best Schools in Kolkata 2024: Kolkata is known for being a hub of education, culture, science, and even modern Indian politics. Some of the best schools in Kolkata were established in the pre-independence era and continue to maintain an excellent reputation by constantly adapting to the changing times to prepare children for an increasingly globalized … Read more

Top Best Schools in Delhi in 2024 | Top 10 Schools in Delhi Private and Government


Best Schools in Delhi: At the time of admission, parents try to search for the best schools for their children. They search for the best schools based on different criteria, but one thing that remains a priority is the academic results of the schools. Schools place equal emphasis on extracurricular and curricular activities that support … Read more

Top Best Schools in Mumbai in 2024-25 | ICSE, CBSE, and International schools


Top Schools in Mumbai: Education is highly valued in Mumbai, and the city is home to several prestigious schools, colleges, and universities. Many students from other parts of India and abroad come to Mumbai to pursue their education. The city is also home to several research and development centers, making it an important center for … Read more