Understanding How to Cite a Dissertation APA

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Some students do not have any clue on how to make an APA dissertation citation. This article is, therefore, a guide that enlightens you on this writing style and how it is done in a given paper.

Do You Know How to Cite a Dissertation APA?

Before proceeding further, what is an APA citation dissertation? This is a dissertation paper that is written and cited using the American Psychological Association style abbreviated as APA. It is one of the most commonly used styles in academic writing especially in the fields of psychology, social sciences and education.

The APA dissertation format was developed in 1929 within a psychological bulletin that set all the basic guidelines that eventually got incorporated into the American Psychological Association’s publication manual.

By using the APA writing style, students and researchers alike can communicate the information within their APA style dissertation papers in a consistent form making them easy to interpret. Sticking to a standard format allows readers to know precisely what to look for in the text as they read psychological journals and other dissertations that utilize the format.

In case you are a student who has never taken a social science or psychology class, then you might be probably more accustomed to different academic writing styles such as Chicago or MLA styles. Many scholars unfamiliar with this style normally find it difficult to transition, especially when you are expected to use different formats in different course units. For this reason, getting a good grasp of the basics and taking note of some key resources can make understanding this format easier.

The Major Sections Within an APA Dissertation

In the majority of the cases, your paper will be required to have four major sections: these are the title page, the abstract, the main section and the references.

  • The title page

This page needs to contain a running head, the title of the dissertation, the name of the author, the affiliated institution. The title page enables the reader to know the purpose of your paper and its writer quickly.

  • Abstract

This is a summary of your entire paper. It comes immediately after the title page. According to the APA rules, the total word count within this page should range between 150 and 250 words.

  • The body

For an essay, the body includes the actual essay. However, for papers like lab reports, the body can be further broken down into components such as introduction, methodology, literature review, discussion, etc.

  • References

The APA reference dissertation page should be on its page. It should have the title “References” in the title text at the top center. All entries must be in alphabetical order, and the first line of each reference should be flush towards the left margin. All additional lines must be indented by 0.5 inches.

In-text dissertation citation APA rules require the use of the author’s last name followed by publication year. For direct quotes, include the page number as well.

Finally, one last tip to remember is that any citation made within the text must also appear in the references section.